Hello, I'm Lenilson πŸ‘‹

I'm a freeelancer developer and maker currently in . I live out of a suitcase and travel around the world to find nice food and fast WiFi. You can get to know more about me here. πŸš€

10 days in: how's my challenge going?

18 September, 2020

About a week ago I challenged myself to get out of a months-long rut. Let's check-in on how that's going:

  • Go on 4 weekend-getaways with girlfriend
  • β—‹ βœ… One done, on track
  • Read 12 books. About one per week.
  • β—‹ ⚠️ Started Atomic Habits for the second time. Did not finish it yet
  • Stay on top of client work (20 hours a week minimum, or 320 hours total)
  • β—‹ ⚠️ 19 hours done in the first week. Still falling a little bit behind
  • Stay on top of Terapiabox work. Ship one new update per week
  • β—‹ βœ… On track
  • Make β–ˆβ–ˆ 🐢 happy: play with him for 15 minutes everyday and/or walk with him for one hour
  • β—‹ βœ… I walked him 7 of the last 10 days, the other three my girlfriend waking him. We also took him to a deserted beach
  • Add $β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ to savings
  • β—‹ ⚠️ No changes in savings yet
  • Stick to dietary plan, only two meals off a week
  • β—‹ 🚫 Took more meals off than I wanted. Still not a disaster, but I definitely need some extra discipline and motivation here
  • Drink 2.5L of water a day, 2250L in total
  • β—‹ ⚠️ Been hovering around 1.5L per day. Low, too low. Also need to improve here, I can definitely relate days where I drink less water to less productivity and more headaches
  • Do a helicopter ride around Bali
  • β—‹ πŸ•’ Waiting. Got a quote back that's wayyy out of my budget for now. Gotta figure out how to make this work
  • Write a self-help book tailored to teenagers in Brazil and self-publish on Amazon
  • β—‹ πŸ•’ I have the chapters outlined. Haven't started writing yet
  • Improve my deep-sleep. Try to get a minimum of two hours of deep sleep a night
  • β—‹ βœ… On track. Average has been 2:12 minutes. I've found that a small amount of alcohol around three to four hours before bed leads to increased deep sleep and overall feeling of being rested
  • Learn how to lucid dream: have one lucid dream
  • β—‹ ⚠️ No effort yet here. I've been dreaming more. Just need to decide on a technique and system around this one.
  • Design, code and launch a new version of my personal website
  • β—‹ πŸ•’ Designs are done. Will code it as soon as I find convenient

Work with the garage door open

Now that I'm a few days in, I guess it makes sense to expand on the challenge itself.

I started this last week as an attempt to get spaceship me in order. To fight entropy and start building some momentum and correct whatever dark direction I was heading to.

The challenge itself is just another step in this direction. Two months ago I went back to therapy and I'm now starting seeing some breakthroughs. Also there's a nutritionist telling me what I should eat now, and I've been trying to journal more too.

This challenge is a fire test. It's supposed to create a feedback loop so I can clearly see what needs improvement in my life and behaviour. Things like mental health, fun, work, purpose, exercise, physical health, information intake, etc.

Ideally, I want to close all the goals and declare absolute success by December. But the real gain here is the friend we make along the way is really to put myself on a good trajectory, that's all.

I'll also tweak some of those goals so they make more sense along the way, keeping the original gist of having an improvement system for a given area of my life.

That's it.