I spent the last few months thinking I should write something.

The more time passed the bigger the pressure I felt to write something interesting, something big, something that would make up for all the time I went AWOL.

And nothing came.

I spent the last few months wanting to create. Wanting to put something out there.

Feeling like I would explode if I didn't give birth to any project, essay or company.

And I did nothing.

I spent the last few months wanting to share every single bit of the crazy experiences I lived since the year started. From finding love to sharing a mansion with internet autists. From having breakdowns in a random European city to feeling ok with myself. From feeling insecure af to noticing I didn't need anything more in life to feel in peace. From learning and experimenting totally different routines and tools for my life.

But I kept myself in silence. No news is good news, right?

The more time passed I felt I had nothing else to add to my history. No reason to share any further struggle. I felt empty. That nothing I could put out there would resonate with anyone.

But that's bullshit, right?

I guess it's time to go back creative. To create for the sake of creating. To write for the sake of writing. No expectations, no judgment.

Back to work.