I thought that writing a post about my long and short term goals is a good idea to keep me accountable so here I am.

Before we start, some background info:

My mid-term goal is to create meaningful revenue through an online product. My long term goal is to be able to live entirely on this type of income.

Currently I have three projects going on:

  • ScreenMug - “Mug on demand” service. I’ve written a bit about it here (in portuguese);
  • MemeStore - Typical online store with products directed to young ppl (haven’t launched yet. depends on two other partners);
  • Appointclinic - This my oldest project online, and also the one that had some relative success. It is an appointment management software for doctors and clinics. So far $40 MRR, although I invest almost zero hours a month in it.

I also have a daytime job as a programmer, so my time is limited.

Currently, these are my biggest challenges:

  • Learn how to properly sell online
  • Find a suitable product market fit for ScreenMug (mugs B2B seems to be more lucrative than mugs B2C ☕)
  • Launch 🚀 and start selling w/ MemeStore

Both MemeStore and ScreenMug are much more experiments than any other thing. I want to see what happens down this road. Appointclinic isn’t on my roadmap, although it is the only one that gives any money monthly.

So, in short, my masterplan is to have two or three online products giving enough money to pay my bills and save a bit, so I can progressively free up my time.

I’ll be updating occasionally on the results and learnings from this journey, here and in my twitter.

Feedback is appreciated.