Pugo wakes up every morning and immediately stretches his body.

He then asks to leave the bedroom. Sometimes more politely than other times. If we take too long to open the door for him, he'll often do it himself. Staying in a dark room after opening his eyes just isn't his thing.

Not long after leaving the bedroom, if there's sun outside, he goes to the backyard, lies down on the floor, and just takes as much sunlight as he can for a few minutes.

He will then get up and carry on with his dog day.

Oh, and if he goes too many days in a row without meaningful exercise, he'll make sure we notice his dislike for the situation.

Dogs do effortlessly what's natural for them, and what's natural for them isn't far from what's natural to us. Why do we often ignore what's needed and natural for our bodies and minds?

I've got a lot to learn from Pugo.

Pugo, in the sun, wondering why I'm taking a photo of something so mundane