Hello, I'm Lenilson 👋

I'm a freeelancer developer and maker currently in . I live out of a suitcase and travel around the world to find nice food and fast WiFi. You can get to know more about me here. 🚀

I read The Motivation Hacker by Nick Winter and now I'm kinda hyped

08 September, 2020

This is an experiment.

How to get out of a rut, specially one you've been in for 5 months during a global pandemic, you ask me?

Well, turn into a Type A person for 3 months to create momentum and crush all your goals while increasing expectancy, self-efficacy and motivation, I guess.

I'm challenging myself to complete this list, in the next 3 months, counting from today. I have until Tuesday, December 8 2020 to:

  • Go on 4 weekend-getaways with girlfriend
  • Read 12 books. About one per week.
  • Stay on top of client work (20 hours a week minimum, or 320 hours total)
  • Stay on top of Terapiabox work. Ship one new update per week
  • ○  ██████████
  • ○  ██████████████
  • ○  █████
  • ○  ███████
  • Make ██ 🐶 happy: play with him for 15 minutes everyday and/or walk with him for one hour
  • Add $████ to savings
  • Stick to dietary plan, only two meals off a week
  • Drink 2.5L of water a day, 2250L in total
  • Do a helicopter ride around Bali
  • Write a self-help book tailored to teenagers in Brazil and self-publish on Amazon
  • Improve my deep-sleep. Try to get a minimum of two hours of deep sleep a night
  • Learn how to lucid dream: have one lucid dream
  • Design, code and launch a new version of my personal website

Now that I think  about it, it doesn't sound like a lot, am I right? Most of those are input-driven goals, meaning their success mostly depends on my actions (vs. output-driven goals, like losing weight, that fall outside of your control).

Nick, I'm coming for you.