Comparison with others seems to be a common theme that pops up often in my head. I may be guilty of not exploring this feeling further, and why such thoughts permeate my mind from time to time. But again, these enquiries often fall back to more existential questions, like what it means to be human, why we desire, and the unspoken hierarchies of society.

And since I'm not a philosopher, you can say I'm more interested in the practicalities of dealing with insecurity and comparison rather than deconstructing too much its reasons to be, at least for now.

That said, the feeling that there is some sort of "global leaderboard" for most useful/cooler/wise/successful human is present. We get caught up in our little bubble hierarchies, try to play status games, and try to "beat the competition" by reacting instead of just looking inside.

Guess what, I only have one life, there's no leaderboard, and every minute spent thinking about how other humans are "cooler", "better", and "smarter" than us is a waste that I'll for sure regret in old life.

It doesn't matter whether I'm the best. The most productive. The smartest. What it matters is I'm playing. I'm in the arena. I'm taking risks and living up to my values. That's what I need to measure against.

Do not waste a single second living others lives. You only got this one chance, don't fuck it up, enter the arena and be glad you get to play while so many others decide to only watch from the sidelines.